A Little Plus

Not everyone is good in the kitchen, and not everyone good in the kitchen is alike. This means that everyone has their own styles, additions and little touches that makes their dishes unique from the next person’s. The special addition could vary depending on cuisine, type of item cooked and the preferred taste category. Nonetheless, the final taste needs to be perfected to please everyone’s taste buds and that would be purely up to the chef in charge of the kitchen.

A little edge
There are numerous condiments present, from simple common add-ons such as salt and sugar, to much more specific tastes brought about by cardamom and crushed thyme. Crushed chili flakes in a traditional Indian chicken curry would create such perfect color and aroma, that anyone in close radius will have their mouths watering, while adding a couple of garlic cloves to a green salad would enhance the taste with every bite. Most South-Asian homes and professional chefs use a large selection of spices, sauces to create a dish with unique experiences for the diner. Then European cuisines being considered, many dishes consist of black pepper, nutmeg and mustard. Although across the little continent, the cuisines vary; from Italian menus specializing in pastas, pizzas and fish dishes to the English who are fond of their shepherd pies and potato fry sandwiches, the usage of different condiments to make each meal special does not cease, you can order red wine online for better prices.

Fire and Taste
Another method to add taste and make things would be cooking with wines or even the famous technique of igniting alcohol induced recipes also known as flambé. When speaking of adding wines to dishes, pairing of each wine with a certain curry varies: not every dish is compatible with one wine and nor is one dish compatible many wines. For instance best sparkling wine in Australia and marchand and burch wines, can be added in place of vinegar, or even themselves, as wines add a great savory taste, which perfectly complements the chosen dish. It can be added to different types of sauces, salads, fish, and meats and even used to make a great marinade. Then drinks such as champagne is mostly used with bakery products, as this adds an essence of sweet and fruity flavor. When considering the method of Flambé, many different types of alcohols are used here, but the taste is considered to be quite subjective, as some diners claim to not experience a difference in taste while some do. 

Unexpected Secrets
There are the spices and there are the alcoholic additions, but through and past these two items there comes the unexpected extras. One such popular item would be coconut milk in spicy dishes, coconut milk is mostly used In desserts and such mellow tasting dishes, which is why it comes as quite a surprise when certain chefs from specific areas of the globe chooses coconut milk as their secret ingredient to perfect their iconic spicy dishes. And the second odd ingredient would be a little pinch of powdered chili in chocolate desserts to help intensify the taste of chocolate itself. A hot spice in a dessert may seem completely off, but chefs swear by this addition to go on to say it makes the products fill with rich tastes.