Ayurvedic Medicine

A 5000 year old method that seeks to treat illnesses via natural means instead of techniques like surgery and prescription drugs. The bare bone of ayurvedic medicine is the point of view that the health and wellbeing of an individual depends on the balance of mind, body and the spirit. The principal task of ayurvedic medicine is to focus on maintaining a healthy body. Ayurveda believes that all the things on Earth are deeply entwined with each other and that when the mind, body and the spirit are in sync with each other, it means an individual is bound to be of good health and that when this balance is distorted, a person tends to fall sick. There are many ayurveda techniques present, some very rare and some quite common and well known techniques. One such technique is the use of herbal tea leaves. These tea greeneries offer a range of benefits to the human body, regardless of age or gender.

Most people in the Western world will find it hard to get herbal leaves in those particular regions, so for them the best option is to buy herbal tea online in Australia. People who dabble in ayurveda believe that every person in the world consists of five elements; space, air, fire, water and earth. All of these elements when put together are commonly referred to as doshas and it is they who are in charge of how the body works. Doshas fall into three categories; Vata doshas that manage space and air, Pitta Dosha that manage fire and water and Kapha Dosha that handles water and earth. The amount of doshas present in everyone is known to change but typically one dosha is always more dominant than the other and each dosha controls a certain aspect of the body. Among the ayurveda world, there is the common belief that the probability of a person falling ill and any medical issues that arise are due to the amount of doshas present in the body.

When seeking ayurveda treatment, a practitioner will make a plan for treatment that has been specifically developed for you and your body. When developing the plan, the practitioner will take in to account things like your age, your mental state of mind and the balance and level of doshas present in your system. This treatment focuses on cleaning your body of food that has not been digested that can cause sickness. Some of the techniques that practitioners use is the purification of blood, massages, herbal oils and similar techniques. It is quite important to stick to known and reputed ayurveda practitioners when seeking ayurveda treatment.