The Familiar In The Foreign: Finding Home In A Foreign Country

If you are a homebody then you know how much the sound, sights and smell of home affect us. They make up a part of our identity. When you have to travel, the best part of the trip is coming home to what is familiar and what you know. So here are some suggestions on how you can take a piece of home with you on your trips, and how to find the familiar even in a foreign country,

The food is undeniably a big part of home. Each culture and community has their own unique gastronomic experience. This is when the citizens of U.S go abroad, they will constantly be looking for restaurants in Doncaster that serve them French fries, even if they are in countries like Italy and France, which are known for their cuisines. Thanks to globalization, today we can find almost any cuisine we want in big cosmopolitan cities. So if you want Chinese in Rio de Janeiro, all you need to do is look. If you live in a country whose cuisine is still not a hit in other countries, then look for a fast food chain that you’ve been to at home that is also available where you are right now. Thanks to international standards, their tastes have to be the same, so it’ll be like you are right back at home.

Oh that Smell!

Walk by any burger restaurants you see anywhere in the world and you will immediately transported back to the one back home which you are most familiar with. This is because the smell is more or less the same. One way to evoke home through smell is to go looking for familiar smells like with certain types of food. A more elaborate trick is to tie up handkerchiefs with small drops of perfumes and other smells that you bring from home, just so you can smell it. Scents cannot be stoppered forever, but depending on the container, they can be preserved for a long time.

Oh that Scene!

Finally, the reason we take pictures along with us is because we want to see the familiar things, and we want to remember the way they make us fee. Thanks to phones, we can store hundreds of photos of family, friends and other loved ones, right there in our pockets. We can even take pictures of familiar scenery in and around our homes, and pictures of our homes itself to remember what it is like. In some rare cases, there are places abroad that remind us of back home. Keep going to it regularly in order to remind yourself that there is no place like home (Ruff! Ruff!).