What a Girl Wants For a First Date

Our idea of love and dating has been based to some extent on TV and culture. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all grew up watching the fairytale kind of love we see in the movies and well that doesn’t really happen that often but, the dating thing does happen and while it doesn’t happen like in the movies for most of us, here are some sure fire ways to make that first date into that movie kind of love you see. One option we have for a first date is for a one which gives off a fun and down to earth kind of vibe. While a date in the most exclusive sky bar in Bangkok might definitely be a good start, maybe you‘d want to start off simple and work your way up. So, to start off pick an activity which is straight from your childhood, some great picks are paintball, go-karting, or the less strenuous option, the zoo. This gives you something to do and gets the evening started off http://www.venuesbkk.com/lobby-lounge-b-sharp-b-sweet.php on a high note, after all let’s face it, who can say no to a chance to be a kid again. Once that part is over, make sure to have a place in mind for food and given the nature of the date so far, you wouldn’t be expected to take her to a Michelin star eatery. Instead, go with a place that serves good food and has a nice setting. You have the option of choosing a low key dining establishment or pub, or you could take her for amazing street food at a place you frequent.

The next option is for when you want impress your lady love with sophistication and suave. This is when you start googling sky bar in Bangkok and pick the one with the right atmosphere, food, and budget. Before the night starts make sure to make a reservation and to add a little luck on your side, ask them to set aside a bottle of good wine. If this is not your forte, then ask the host for a good choice. This way your date will be highly impressed with your planning skills. The key to making this night a success is keeping up to theme of the restaurant and the night- sophistication. Dress well and be properly groomed. Whether picking her up or meeting her at the venue, remember to be a gentleman at all times, open doors, pull out chairs and be nice to those serving you.

The night is all about you and your date, so pick something that would fit. It’s a first date, so you are given a free pass as to not knowing what she likes but that’s what the night is about- getting to know each other. Once you do, the next date can be made to match the two of the two of you better. So, make an impression, after all it will the one that will determine your future relationship.